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You wouldn’t open up a public-facing storefront without including accessible parking, ramps and/or elevators as an alternative to stairs, and accessible stalls with handrails in the bathrooms. For the same reason, you shouldn’t launch a public-facing website without ensuring that your website includes accessibility features for users with disabilities.

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Everyone Benefits From Improved Website Accessibility

We arrange more and more of our matters online. We make purchases, do our banking, arrange for transportation, and so much more. While that's easier said than done for most of us, more than 57 million Americans suffer from restrictions that limit their abilities to use the Internet.

The good news is that we have the capability to make sure your website is accessible for all users. By ensuring that your website includes alt text on images, skip navigation, focus indicators, and a host of other website accessibility features, we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to engage with your content, and ultimately find your products and services.

With limited exceptions, we aim to have all of our websites meet web accessibility standards as outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, a set of guidelines developed, “ with a goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally.”

Improving the accessibility of your website, (content) platform, or online application leads to a better user experience for everyone — not "just" for people with an official restriction. As a result, you'll quite likely see your revenue increase, your expenses decline, and your customer loyalty base grow!

Ways We Can Help Improve Your Web Accessibility

  • In need of a new website or a redesign? We’ll make sure your website is accessible.
  • In need of recommendations to improve the accessibility of your website, platform, or application? We’ll gladly map out an action plan.
  • Need to know how accessible your website or application currently is? We’d be delighted to perform a web accessibility audit.
  • Would your team of developers benefit from a boost in accessibility expertise? Our web accessibility training will bring the team up to speed.

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Need an accessible website that speaks to all of your customers? We’re well-versed in web accessibility standards and ready to assist with your next project.