About us

Hotfire Creative was born out of the idea that design should not settle for the mundane. With our fiery curiosity to discover new methods to the madness, we help businesses push the envelope and break away from the pack.

Meet the Team

Dylan Wages

Dylan Wages

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Dylan Wages has been designing websites since the 1990s and building brands since the early 2000s. As a web designer, he is well versed in a number of web design principles and techniques — from user experience to conversion-focused design. In addition to building websites, he has developed brand collateral and marketing campaigns for a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organizations.


Delvis Nunez

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Delvis Nunez has a talent for UX/UI design, a knack for WordPress development, and the invaluable ability to keep a project running on time and under budget. He applies his design thinking and WordPress knowledge to perfectly align your user experience with your business goals. With several years of experience in a number of relevant fields, you can rest assured that Delvis will bring a fresh perspective to your next project.


Our Core Values

Hotfire Creative was founded on a set of fundamental beliefs/behaviors that help guide everything we do. They ignite our passion, spark our creativity, and bring every action, conversation, and project into focus.

Think of them like pouring gasoline on top of an already roaring wildfire.

We Believe In….

Putting People First

Yes, we design cutting-edge websites, but we also stave off our robot overlords by not letting technology be the central focus of our work. We build websites designed specifically for human beings with human needs. We inflect our content with an emotional tone that only human beings can understand and appreciate. And we blend our unique backgrounds, personal experiences, and far-out ideas to create a distinct Hotfire flavor that is adventurous, authentic, and undeniably human.

Our goal isn’t just to build fancy websites, it’s to help our clients have better online interactions with their customers.

Staying Curious

Hotfire Creative is a collective of curious and innovative individuals. We've cultivated an environment brimming with passion projects, odd obsessions, and a sense of curiosity that keeps us infinitely engaged. Our people live to step into the unknown, learn new languages, digest art, travel down forgotten paths, and dive into experiences that push us to the edge of comfort.

These experiences color our work, compelling us to ask the next important question, driving us to find new solutions for our clients, and reminding us to think outside of the box.

Constantly Improving

We are united by a shared love for personal growth which translates into our companies success. To stay ahead of ever-evolving technological advancements, we encourage our team to be in a consistent state of refinement. Attending workshops, reading books, and learning new skills allows us to grow and evolve our service offering.

Our favorite place to be is at the leading edge of creativity and innovation.

Adding Value

Our founders started this creative agency when they realized they could help businesses grow and succeed by sharing insider knowledge on web design and usability. At Hotfire Creative we encourage both our staff and clients to share their knowledge and add value when they have an informed perspective.

We welcome it all: from best practices to far fetched marketing strategies. You truly never know whose world you might change by bringing your expertise to the table.

Finding a Way

You know you’re on the right career path when you come up for air after 10 hours of being glued to a project and you feel like 30 minutes have passed. The long nights, the endless tinkering, and coffee-fueled marathons are the moments that ask us to dig deep and expand as creators.

We revel in the problem-solving struggle because we know we’ll wake up with a newfound sense of confidence and success.

Keeping It Simple

When it comes to solving important problems, bells and whistles are nice, but nothing cuts through the noise like a simple and elegant solution.

When developing proposals for our clients, we often stop to think, “Could I explain this project to my mom over the phone?” If the answer is no, we go back to the drawing board and simplify some more.

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